Considering meditation

Dr Ramesh joins Brian to discuss the importance of stopping the brain from thinking when meditating to achieve mental silence. This is the state of Thoughtless Awareness for the Sahasrara, seventh chakra of our subtle system.


Effects of meditation on our being and the world around us.

Self-Realisation, meditation and their effect on our individual well being and on the world around us.


The Agnya Chakra and Ego.

The Agnya Chakra (sometimes called the Third Eye), is the energy centre located in the middle of the brain. This program explores one aspect of the Agnya – the Ego.


Chakra #6: The Agnya Chakra, Forgiveness

The Agnya Chakra, sometimes called the third eye, is placed at the centre of the brain. When Kundalini passes through the chakra, our thought waves elongate so that the space between two thoughts grows wider. As the petals of the chakra open, silence blossoms in the centre and spreads outwards, pushing the thoughts to the periphery of your awareness. In thoughtless awareness, you actually feel this beautiful silence which is at the heart of creation. Just like the vibrations, this expansion of silence is a wave created without percussion. Absolute and therefore beyond causality, all you can say is that it is.


The Divine Mother

The Search for the Divine Mother by Gwenael Verez

This book looks at our religion and spirituality from a historical viewpoint.

Many traditions attach great importance to the feminine dimension of the Divine. It is She who is said to give liberation, spiritual rebirth, that is to say Union with the Self. The most significant example is the knowledge of the Kundalini in India.

We may wonder why the Western religions have attributed an exclusively masculine, patriarchal character to the Divine. Several thousand years ago, was not the only form of Divinity, the object of veneration, feminine and maternal?

What is responsible for this neglect, this confiscation? Has the original message of these religions been distorted to the point that we are today unaware of the Mother-Goddess?

And could the Age of Aquarius, which is said to mark a change of consciousness on a spiritual level, perhaps be the moment where humanity is able to re-discover this awareness of the Universal Mother?

This book offers answers to these topical questions.