Music for meditation – Violin and Flute.

Live violin and flute concert performed by Sangeeta Shankar and Ronu Majumdar in the presence of Shri Mataji in 1996.


Music for meditation – Veena.

The Veena is the instrument of the Swadisthan, the second energy centre. The enlightening and nourishing effect of the Mother Kundalini awakens the Swadisthan’s qualities of creativity, pure attention and pure knowledge.

This live music was played by Dr. Chitti Babu in the presence of Shri Mataji in 2003.


Songs and mantras for the Mooladhara.

Selection of songs and mantras for the Mooladhara, the first chakra of the subtle system. Ganesha, who represents innocence and wisdom, is the aspect that looks after this chakra.


Song ‘Saang Saang Bolanath’

Based on a Marathi children’s song, it asks the Divine (Lord Shiva) about the problems of the world today: racism, caste, religious fanaticism & war and prays for salvation through Self-Realisation.

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Song ‘Padhare Hai Shri Mataji Angana’

Another original composition by Music of Joy. This song welcomes Shri Mataji (founder of Sahaja Yoga meditation) to the home of her followers and describes the great beauty of this event.

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Song ‘Jai Jai Bolo Nirmal Ganesha Ki’

This energetic celebration of Lord Ganesha, is asking for his qualities to become awakened in the listeners. Shri Ganesha, the elephant headed Divine aspect of innocence and wisdom.

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