Song ‘Vesnianka – Ode To Spring’

This poetic welcome to spring is from the Ukraine, and describes the magnificent beauty of nature’s exquisite temple.

(Track 13 ‘Flow of Love’ CD –


Song ‘Mauline Thothavile Daar’

Describing the cleansing effect of self-realisation which dissolves one into the ocean of bliss thus steadying the attention and through introspection increases our power to witness ourselves & the world.

(Track 12 ‘Flow of Love’ CD –


Song ‘What A Time!’

What a sight, what a life, what a time … to be alive! This song describes the joy of the magical moments experienced by the present age of collective enlightenment.

(Track 11 ‘Flow of Love’ CD –


Awakening of the Spirit

The kundalini energy and the various chakras (energy centres) that are present in all human beings and how they have been evolving throughout time to the present day to trigger the awakening of the Spirit through the Self Realisation process.


Interview with Shri Mataji – founder

Shri Mataji talks about her remarkable discovery of the Sahaja Yoga meditation technique and the philosophy and experience of spiritual enlightenment through Self-Realisation, Thoughtless Awareness and Vibrations.