My parents’ love and my Mother’s global spiritual work.

My parents’ love and my Mother’s global spiritual work.

Sadhana Varma talks about her parents, Shri Mataji (founder of Sahaja Yoga meditation) and Sir CP Srivastava. Sadhana shares how Shri Mataji brought spirituality to humanity to enable individuals to attain enlightenment through Self-Realisation.


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  1. sean michael scott

    I met your mother in Cambridge in 1980 as a student, she said “I know you, your an old soul”, I remember sitting in front of her and feeling a cool breeze from my hands and the top of my head. Also how every one shouted “Ji” as she drove away at the precise same moment.
    I contaminated myself shortly after with alcohol, cannabis and lust and lower vibrations overwhelmed me. Then I tried TM, and after that became Hare Krsna devotee for 2 yrs before having a powerful Christian experience where I had a fullness of complete joy and ear to ear grin, later knocked unconscious by the Holy Spirit and coming round feeling as pure as a baby. Ive been in AA for 13 yrs now and the words your mother spoke of boundaries and ego resonate such parallels of our own humble spiritual development.

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