Music for meditation – Flute.

Listening to flute music helps to sooth and clear the Vishuddhi chakra which is located in the throat. It is the 5th chakra of our subtle system. It qualities are diplomacy, pure relationships with others and provides a kind and compassionate voice.

This live flute music was played by Anand Murdeshwar in the presence of Shri Mataji in 1992.


Music for meditation – Sitar.

The sitar represents the Sahasrara chakra. When the Sahasrara is open, our thoughts subside and we enjoy the peace and joy of being in the present.

This live sitar music was played by Nishat Khan in the presence of Shri Mataji in 1996.


Song ‘Vesnianka – Ode To Spring’

This poetic welcome to spring is from the Ukraine, and describes the magnificent beauty of nature’s exquisite temple.

(Track 13 ‘Flow of Love’ CD –


Song ‘Mauline Thothavile Daar’

Describing the cleansing effect of self-realisation which dissolves one into the ocean of bliss thus steadying the attention and through introspection increases our power to witness ourselves & the world.

(Track 12 ‘Flow of Love’ CD –


Song ‘What A Time!’

What a sight, what a life, what a time … to be alive! This song describes the joy of the magical moments experienced by the present age of collective enlightenment.

(Track 11 ‘Flow of Love’ CD –


Song ‘Rag Yaman’

Raag Yaman is characterised by it’s augmented fifth, delivering powerful cleansing notes for the left Swadhistana chakra. This meditative piece is rendered on saxophone.

(Track 10 ‘Flow of Love’ CD –